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This Site Has One Simple Purpose

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To be ALL THINGS about life east of Keystone Parkway in Carmel, Indiana.   We live here, work here and we spend the majority of our lives here.   We want to contribute to the positive quality of life East of Keystone every chance we have.  

Do you want to know what your child is having for lunch at their school? 

Are you looking for the pharmacy hours for the CVS at 126th and Gray?  FIND IT HERE!

Do you need the hours of the water park on east Main Street?

Thinking about the Carmel Free Summer Concerts?

These are just a few examples.  There are dozens of other resources.

Look, we're real estate people but quality communities are about so much more than just marketing homes.  It's about schools, parks, restaurants, churches, events and neighborhoods!   To that end you'll find the web sites and covenants for many neighborhoods east of Keystone on our home page.  You'll also find information on shopping, dining, worship services, tee times, relevant news and events as well as regularly updated neighborhood videos about the housing market. 

Look for us!  Whether it's being out for a run or walking dogs along east Main Street on a weekday evening, watching Lacrosse games at River Road Park on Sunday afternoon or enjoying the company of friends at the neighborhood pool on a warm June day, we're here.  

Our goal is to be a resource for your quality of life and to be the foremost experts for the housing market for everything that happens east of Keystone Parkway in Carmel.  If you have suggestions or additions that we can post on this site please let us know.  If you would like to have the East Of Keystone Housing Hotsheet emailed to you once a month, we'd be glad to sign you up.  You can call or email anytime...after all we're usually just a few blocks away!